Ma Jolie has enjoyed writing since she was little and has written stories since elementary school. She would always make things together with her father, who was an engineer. She expresses what she wants to communicate through writing and creating — something that hasn’t changed as she has aged.

Her process begins with a feeling she wants to depict. Taking on a wide range of themes from nature, the earth, the state of current affairs, outer space, the economy, and everything else, she has a passion for spurring up excitement where there is none, for expressing the supreme joy that is being alive.

Using language alone when one wants to convey an idea, it melts into the air and ends up like fog. Having experienced how something important can be forgotten— how if what one says is not seen, it might not be received by another at all — Ma Jolie decided to make her words corporeal.

What will always be there in three-dimensional space can quietly, indefinitely disseminate messages through being seen and being touched.

Ma Jolie’s art is not high-brow or out of reach. It’s for people who work hard each day to be able to pull out of their pocket or bag and feel a free, rich sense of kindness. It’s for people who are tired from laboring to see, feel refreshed, and remember their true dreams. It’s a charm for the hearts of all people, one that has not been seen anywhere before, that transcends gender, race, age, nationality, religion and the like. When it’s in your hands, it’s just what you’ve been looking for.

With all her heart, that’s what Ma Jolie hopes her art to be.